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twilight lotus arts

perpetual metamorphosis

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My name is Sandhya (Twilight) Kamala (Lotus). I live on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. I share my life with my love, our three daughters, our pup, and our cat.


I live a life immersed in nature and her cycles. I consider my environmental impact daily and try my best to live a compassionate life. I am intrigued by the senses and the sensual. I am driven to question preconceived boundaries. I like to experience constant growth and find myself consistently in flux. I consider myself in the beginning phase of every practice I take on. There is always more to learn, and circumstances are always changing. It is a life of perpetual metamorphosis.

My art is initiated and inspired by how I live. The nature of my life experience creates an energy force that compels to be expressed in concrete ways. I create to meditate, to be mindful, to escape, to release, to remember, to build my own world of abstracts, and my own playgrounds of surreal realism to play in.


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